The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With …

Finish the quote. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with…… one step!” That’s right. I’ve learned through my many years of failing at things that usually I’ve already given up before I’ve begun. I am determined not to give up this time – even if that means, one step at a time.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

So, this realization of needing to start and continue brought me to my first question. Who needs an excuse to shop at Sephora or Ulta? Definitely not this girl! However, of course I had to give myself some purpose to up my skin care budget as I see my 30’s quickly evaporate the youth from my face. (I also needed something to tell the fiance, since I knew he would most definitely notice the cost of my new favorite hobby.) So, there I was, reasoning with my fears, when my friend Amanda encouraged me to start this blog.


My first fear was, “You’re too late.” The second fear was a little more personal…. “You’re too lazy.” It’s true. I have not been obsessed with taking care of my skin since birth and I am definitely NOT someone who doesn’t know how to relax. (Who are these people and how do I do that for someone else?!? <— The one million dollar question has been asked and possibly the answer to my happiness.) In fact, I can sleep anywhere (usually any time) and could be a champion couch potato. I’ve always summed my lazy side up to “being creative” and “not athletic” but that’s kind of a cop out. The truth is that I’m ADD and have a very strong tendency of switching priorities on the fly or running myself so hard that I eventually burn out and quit. Therefore, I am very aware of “slow and steady wins the race” and that’s exactly what I know I need to do to get my skin back on track. Therefore, I’m trying to find every hack to make sure I stay on top of my skin care regime and make this passion into a lifestyle and, hopefully by default, perfectly smooth and shining skin.

So what gives me hope now that I’m in my 30’s? Well, I decided it’s too early to give up. Yes, I’ve lived for 31 trips around the sun, but I have a lot of hope that this is only close to 1/3 of my entire life. That’s right. I want to live to be old – maybe even over 100! I know that I can’t avoid the inevitable and we all eventually show some age, but I’d like to do it as gracefully as I can. This passion for youthful skin, plus a love for spas, healthy living, skin treatments, facials, lotion, oils, etc. is what inspired me to start this blog. If you like it, please thank my friend Amanda. She is the one who gave me the final push to get it off the ground.

My Skin Care Journey Begins

여보세요! My name is Geena. Today is Day 1 of my Korean skin care journey. I am a 31 year old, Caucasian, American woman with fair skin, light blue/green eyes and very dark brown hair. I’ve never said that I have nice skin nor have I received many compliments , which, of course is one of my goals of this journey. I know.. I know…. don’t worry about others – it’s all about what YOU think of yourself… but is it really vain to want someone else to notice? Personally, it might be, but I have no shame in my game and a little vanity never hurt anyone.

As American As It Gets 

As we all know, America is a mixing pot. In true American fashion, I have a little bit of every European continent in my heritage from Eastern Europe to Southern Sicily. In an effort to try and make my heritage a little less muddy, my father is mainly Sicilian/Lithuanian and my mother is mainly English/Norwegian. However, don’t get it twisted, this gives me no real ethnic direction to my skin type. In fact, it was only within the last 5 years that I have really understood the complexity of my combination skin. So, if you are like me, and think you have difficult, troubled skin and see no hope in sight of having that gorgeous, flawless complexion with no make-up, you are NOT alone. Please, come sit, read, and learn from my journey. If you feel so inclined, email me at and let me know what questions you have.

What I Know

So far, my introduction to Korean skin care has been one Rachel Ray show featuring Charlotte Cho,  “The Little Book of Skin Care” (Charlotte Cho’s book), and the blog, Soko Glam (also by Charlotte Cho,) so to say I may have some biased resources would be an understatement. However, my friend Amanda has been following Korean skin care and Charlotte for years (ever since a 10 hour layover at the Seoul airport) and her skin is GORGEOUS! This has made me a believer and put me on a mission to learn as much as I can from the Korean 10 Step Beauty Routine and achieving the much coveted “chok chok” that Charlotte Cho speaks so highly of in Korean culture. According to Charlotte Cho in her book, “The Little Book of Skin Care”, “chok chok doesn’t just pertain to skin, but is used to describe something that is literally moist.” (Before you cringe at the word “moist”, check out some Korean beauty inspiration from the web below. This is a perfect example of “chok chok” and definitely NOT cringe-worthy skin.)

Source: Korean Daily,


Day 1:

So here I am, Day 1 with a blog, a domain, a book, and a knowledgeable friend starting my skin care journey with me to “chok chok”. I’ve inserted a starting picture of myself below. Let’s just say this… it can’t get any worse. I hope.