About Me



Why hello there, you sexy unique magical beings!

Thanks for reading my blog. My name is Geena ( pronounced G. – NA ). I draw, write and practice A LOT of self love and self care. I like to think of myself as a modern, Renaissance woman. My personality type is pretty much the reason the saying “jack of all trades and master of none” exists.

Due to my inability to find my place in the adult world, I have had multiple identity crisis throughout my brief 32 years on this world. I have clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, PTSD and chronic pancreatitis. All of these life experiences have given me tools to learn how to live my happiest life through all of it’s inevitable highs and lows.

My most recent medical diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis has caused me to have to make every lifestyle switch known to man. I can no longer take part in eating my favorite foods, have a relaxing glass of wine, or enjoy my favorite coffee in the morning (to name a few). Therefore, I have to focus and check in on my mental health every day.

I hope this blog helps me stay accountable by sharing the things that keep me positive and excited about life. I plan to use it as an instrument to share my exploration of The Mind-Body-Soul Connection as it relates to my physical, mental and spiritual health. If you feel inspired by anything I’ve shared, please contact me below. It would undoubtedly make my day to know others are reading and following my journey.