What the … snail mucin?!

Tony Moly, Tony Moly Snail Mask, smail mask, sheet mask

Yes. You read that correctly. Snail mucin. What is it and why are Koreans obsessed with it for your skin? Well, think about it. Snails are relatively unprotected when it comes to their bodies. However, they have magical slime in replace of what they lack in armor. Magical slime? Yes! MAGICAL SLIME! It is the slime that allows the snail to move along rough surfaces unscathed. Their slime gives them special healing powers kind of like Wolverine. Anyways, it made enough sense for me to try it on my face and share my opinion with you. Watch the my first video attempt below where I try a Tony Moly snail mask from Korea

My friend Amanda was kind enough to gift me these AMAZING Tony Moly masks straight from Seoul’s airport on her trip to Thailand. (Hence, the name and topic of my blog – thank you again, Amanda.) She gave me 5 of these sheet masks and I’ve used 2 of them so far on Day 1 and Day 3 of my Korean Skin Care Journey. I plan to use all 5 sheet masks over the course of 10 days and report my results.

Tony Moly, Tony Moly Snail Mask, smail mask, sheet mask
Tony Moly Snail Mask Sheet, Pure Energy 10 (front)

The sheet masks have a big nasty picture of a snail on them and claim to be specifically formulated for skin damage care. It is a “TONYMOLY Pure Energy 100 Snail Mask Sheet” and states that “the mild, soft mask takes care of damaged skin with its ingredient of snail secretion filtrate, which has a skin regeneration effect.”

Tony Moly Sheet Mask, Sheet Mask, Tony Moly, Snail Mask, Snail Sheet Mask, Snail Skin Care, Korean Skin Care
Tony Moly Snail Mask Sheet, Pure Energy 100 (back)

If you don’t know Tony Moly, you are missing out. Ulta sells the sheet masks and they have the cutest packaging with different vegetables, fruit, flowers and candy on them! (See picture below.) However, I’ve NEVER seen one with snails and this isn’t nearly as cute as the ones we have stateside.


Being familiar with Tony Moly products definitely made me more comfortable with using the mask for the first time. There was no smell and as far as I could tell, it was like every other sheet mask I’ve used. It did have an aloe feel to it and was a little sticky after using. However, I’m OBSESSED with aloe, so that feeling doesn’t really bother me. Eventually, the stickiness goes away as everything completely absorbs into your skin. You can see the result of the past 3 days below. The picture on the left is today after my mask and the picture on the right is 3 days ago when I started my skin care journey.


My skin feels fabulous after using two of the masks in conjunction with my usual skin routine, and I’m REALLY excited to see what it’s like after 10 consecutive days and instituting a strict Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine. I have to say that the service at SoKo Glam is a little slow, but I’m confident that it will be WELL worth the wait. I’m looking for other places to purchase Korean skin care products, so if you know of any websites or stores that carry them – please let me know!

Charlotte Cho explains in her book, “The Little Book Of Skin Care”, that Koreans are NOT afraid to customize their routine and their is no one-box-fits-all solution to one person’s skin (unfortunately). Also, they use products from the United States and other countries as well, it’s not ONLY about Korean products. Therefore, I hope that once I become a little more familiar with the effect of their favorites, I’ll be able to reincorporate some products I’ve already come to love from the United States.

Author: G. NA

I explore The Mind-Body-Soul Connection through Art, Self Love and Creative Expression. My blogging began in 2018 with an interest in Korean skin care and culture. (Hence, my intentional misspelling of the English word "soul" as "Seoul", the capital of South Korea. ) Follow me on IG - @geena.xo

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