Before Korean Skin Care

Aveda Botanical Kinetics 4- Step Skin Care Routine

After starting my Korean Skin Care research, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that I have been using what I am now referring to as The American 5 Step Skin Care Routine for years. This consisted of the following steps mainly, but did contain occassional sheet masks and facial treatments as problems arose throughout the years.

Step 1: Cleanser (With Manual Exfoliation In Evenings)

I believe I was 25 when I was gifted my first Clarisonic. I had struggled with skin issues for most of my adolescence and early adult years using cleanser only before discovering this miracle device. I instantly noticed a difference in its ability to clean deep into my pores right away. (I was also excited to find out that the Clarisonic is a form of the Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine and are even mentioned in “The Little Book Of Skin Care” by Charlotte Cho.) Even though this device was a miracle, I quickly realized it was too much to use morning and evening when washing my face, so I typically opt to use my Clarisonic only during my night skin care routine.eaqzdyax_201305151312579103-1

I LOVE my body brush attachment for my Clarisonic with the body brush head. I use the Clarisonic Sensitive brush heads on my face and typically do not take the time to switch out the brushes in order to use the body exfoliating brush (even though it’s really easy).  Part of me wants to be a completely stereotypical American and get a second Clarisonic to use on my face and dedicate my primary Clarisonic as a body brush version. However, that’s hella wasteful, so I usually just exfoliate with the body brush 1 – 2x / month if I’m feeling like some extra self love.

Step 2: Toner

I’ve always used some form of alcohol or witch hazel toner since beginning face washing in my early teens. I was instantly put on the Aveda 4-step basic skin care routine (pictured below) by my mother who has always been a HUGE supporter of natural skin care.  Thanks, Mom!

Aveda Botanical Kinetics 4- Step Skin Care Routine
Aveda Botanical Kinetics 4- Step Skin Care Routine

I have learned since then that alcohol and witch hazel toners are probably the worst of toners by Korean standards. However, due to the ph reasoning behind toner, I think I’ve been doing a decent job of having it benefit my overall skin health.

In case you are curious, here is a link to the ingredients in Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist. As you can see, witch hazel is an active ingredient.

Step 3: Beautifying Oil Or Some Other Trending Miracle Elixir

I’ve been making my own or using some form of Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil since my early 20’s.  Keep checking back and I may even share my recipe for Homemade Aveda Beautifying Oil that I formulated over the past few years! Shoot me an email at if this is something you’re interested in – it’s all about the priorities people. Please give me some. 

I know I’ve substituted and customized the product for this step over the years depending on what skin condition I’ve been battling or what’s trending. I finally began making my own skin oil using essential oils and skin boosting vitamins because nothing else really tended to do much. (I’ve learned that this is most likely due to My American 5 Step Skin Care Routine’s inability to fully moisturize and repair my skin barrier, so that it can easier absorb and utilize the products I was trying to use. Also, I’ve realized that your skin is always a little behind, so it’s more likely what you’ve been doing consistently for the past 5 years and not an occasional, monthly or even bi-monthly pity facial that will prevent aging. )

Step 4: Moisturizer & Eye Cream In Evenings

OK. Eye Cream is probably a stretch, but I HAVE owned some before and have been thinking about getting very serious about using it in my thirties. I’d be lying If I said that I thought me or my fellow American 30 year olds are religious with the eye cream. However, we know it is exists and we know that we should probably be using it.

All eye cream shame aside – I’ve always used  a face moisturizer. Unless you are literally a grease pot (or even if you are a grease pot), most Americans have sense to use moisturizer.

Step 5: SPF ( Thank God!)


Please tell me you remember the crazy tanning mom story from above. As of May 2017, this is actually what she looked like. That was not a stunt. That is a real life woman who made herself look like a piece of beef jerky in the name of beauty. I know…. yikes.

Can we just take a minute and say THANK GOD AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP TO SUN SCREEN! Ugh! I really needed to let that out. I know that my gorgeous blonde, tan beach bunny friends want to lock me up in the looney bin after hearing my opinions of the sun, but it’s scientific fact that it makes you age faster and at a higher risk for skin cancer. There’s no argument and, one by one, I hear and see people becoming wiser about the sun’s harmful rays in the United States.


Author: G. NA

I explore The Mind-Body-Soul Connection through Art, Self Love and Creative Expression. My blogging began in 2018 with an interest in Korean skin care and culture. (Hence, my intentional misspelling of the English word "soul" as "Seoul", the capital of South Korea. ) Follow me on IG - @geena.xo

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