My Thoughts on Amy Schumer’s IG rant and being part of white privelage.

Warning: This post could be triggering to some. I am copying word for word (even with grammatical mistakes and spelling/typing errors from my IG page.) Sorry, but maybe that will help my opinions come off as they truly are… an average American middle class white woman educating myself on topics that I honestly had to wake up to. It’s hard. It hurts and as always I promise to reflect from my self-proclaimed flawsome empath view. Therefore, I’m opening myself up to the internet’s dumb comments and judgements in hopes of spreading awareness about my own awakenings regarding topics that effect my life. Below is my thoughts on Amy Schumer’s most recent IG post calling out white NFL players for not kneeling next to their protesting brothers.Please see copies below.

As a self-proclaimed “basic bitch” (it’s a joke due to the fact that if I had blonde hair, a scarf, a Starbucks Frappuccino and some Ugg boots – I can easily slip in and out of the most conservative white circles. I actually have been entitled to do this my whole life on a regular basis with no realization of what a privelage that truly is.), I honestly didn’t understand my white privelage until all of this protest about the Kavanaugh debate on Instagram. I have been asking my friends of color for awhile how I can help and they always told me that to be an advocate, I only must speak up when others are not there to advocate for themselves. I have always lived by that rule and NEVER let racist comments go by without acknowledgement, even if it’s “JUST A JOKE” by someone white who “is not racist.” As a sexual assault victim and someone who has struggled with PTSD and mental health, I don’t know what it means to be a person of color. I can EMPATHIZE (ie. Have empathy) with being stigmatized by hurtful words that are often used willy nilly as a “joke” due to being “crazy” , “bipolar”, or “ a complete nutcase.”

There are many communities right now screaming at the top of their lungs! Telling the world that they hurt… that they are tired and stressed and traumatized by seeing the violence. I may not fully know what it feels like to be black, but I AM trying to. I promise my friends of color that I may be your basic bitch white friend, but I’m here for you and I want to help. I’m a chameleon like the gorgeous and absolutely hilarious female comdedians – @amyschumer and @sarahkatesilverman. The way they’ve been open about their own dumbass white girl behavior and opened up to the nation about how ALL of us white people have said and done stupid shit at some point in our lives. We aren’t racist. We are allies, but we need to show up and put our vote where our mouth is. No more, “Namaste”, all natural, gmo free hippie white girl bullshit with no real action due to complacency and white privelage. Not voting IS a privelage and it’s mainly white women who are putting up their middle finger at the thousands of female suffragettes who fought HARD for our right as women to vote. Let’s not go backwards. Please America. VOTE IF YOU ARE A TRUE SISTER!!!!! #BLUETIDE

Am I disabled? Battling PTSD and Chronic Illness (Part 1)

“Am I disabled?”, is the question that I am currently repeating to myself in my head. I feel so insecure and guilty about adding this label to my self-identity, as though I’ve chosen this type of life path for myself and am the one to blame for my current change in health status. My answer to this question comes with some very large, life decisions, but is one that is a practical solution to many of my current life struggles with co-occurring, disabling conditions.

Let’s just let this question sink in for a moment and allow me to give you some background information into why this label is so difficult for me to accept.

I’m 32 years old and never struggled with physical illness during my childhood. I pretty much lived a picturesque life throughout my early years, with the normal highs and lows experienced by any young person growing into themselves. When hormones hit in my mid-teens, my emotions became very chaotic and I started partying as a form of escape from low self-esteem and other hidden insecurities. These adolescent life decisions led to some trauma and more severe mental health issues. ( I figure I should be honest.) However, shit hit the fan in 2007 when I was a junior finishing my college degree at Virginia Tech, the same year as the massacre killing 32 students and faculty. One of the victims was a friend I really looked up to as a role model. I often looked to her for advice about men, friendships and “growing up” as she was a few years older than me and wise beyond her years. I took her death hard, but later realized I really went into shock.

It was exactly one year from the shootings when my mental health became completely unmanageable. I had to withdraw from college, return to my parent’s home, and get serious medical help. This experience led to my first diagnosis with a qualifying disabling condition, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although I was able to get my symptoms managed enough for me to finish the last semester of credits needed to graduate from college, I never really fully recovered from that breakdown.

After escaping an emotionally abusive relationship in Virginia, I returned to the area my parents were living in Ohio. I am not from Ohio, nor was I very familiar with the area when I moved here. My only experience was the short time I lived here (maybe 3 months?) during my mental breakdown in 2008 – not a recommended way to get a feel for an area. I was not happy to move here, but I accepted this place as a blessing considering the situation that drove me to move here. (That story could be an entire book, so more on that in another post.)

I’ve now lived in Ohio for 5 years. I own a home, am in a healthy relationship (engaged to be married), and have two dogs. I literally have a little white picket fence outside of my cheerful, yellow home. It really does look nice from the outside and I’m very grateful for all I have. However, what most people don’t know from just looking at my life is that I live every day with an invisible illness and chronic pain. I believe that I have been showing symptoms of my autoimmune/hereditary chronic pancreatitis since my early to mid 20’s, but was not officially diagnosed until September 2017, after a short-term disability leave of absence I took from my employer at the time. Since my diagnosis, I have been “laid off” from my job as a Digital Marketer and lost another job at a local non-profit due to my inability to manage my pancreatic symptoms.

I have now been unemployed since August 2018 and am really doubting my ability to return to a normal, full-time 9AM to 5PM job. It would be my third attempt at working full-time in less than a year and a half. I’m in desperate need of medical care and have not been able to get the care I need because of my employment status. I have applied to Medicaid, but I’m not even sure that coverage will do much for all of the specialists and medications that I need to manage my life. I’m praying that I won’t have to switch doctors.

I am currently unable to manage my flares, even by following my doctor’s dietary advice. This has led myself and my doctors to believe that there may be something else to my condition. Due to malabsorption and consequential malnutrition, I am extremely fatigued all of the time. I wake up daily on a fairly high pain level and have had to start taking pain medications daily. I’ve been referred to a pain clinic which my doctor hopes can get me to a functioning level for employment. We will see how that goes, but only time will tell.

I think it’s important to realize like most social benefits, this is not something anyone wants to do. If it were up to me, I’d be fit as a fiddle and following my dreams (both career and personal.) As a natural extrovert, sitting at home absolutely drains me and I plan to try and work part-time as soon as possible. I am a very independent person and it can be a learning process to have to rely on others, including our own government assistance programs. I have supported paying into this system and have worked for over a decade at this point. However, that doesn’t make it easier.

My nurse and doctors have already told me that they support my decision to seek social security. To begin with, I really need the health insurance to get the care I need.  I plan to get a lawyer and begin compiling all of the items on this checklist from the Social Security Administration. I will be going to my local disability office in hopes that they will help me navigate this system in the easiest way possible. So far, I haven’t been able to receive much help over the phone or via their websites.

Wish me luck on this journey into the unknown.

Money as currency towards PURPOSE – Fixing my money mindset issues

For anyone who personally knows me, there’s no big surprise that I have “money mindset” issues. I fully believe in the ideas of manifestation and focusing on abundance. However, the idea of changing my mindset through manifestation/abundance techniques has really never resonated with me as a way of fixing my money mindset issues. In fact, what I’ve discovered is that I have a fear of money and how it may affect me – not a manifestation or abundance problem. I’ve carried the belief that money is evil, selfish and leads to immoral activities for quite some time now. This money mindset conditioning has developed over time, with its beginnings in my college years doing social justice work against mountain top removal mining in the coalfields of West Virginia (watching coal companies rape and pillage small communities in an effort to make more capital) up to my last career job working as a Digital Marketing Director for a luxury jeweler. Recently (literally yesterday), a lightbulb went off when I listened to a live video on Instagram of a few women entrepreneurs speaking about their views on money and how they’ve had to overcome their own money mindset issues. The idea of money as currency towards PURPOSE was mentioned and I am now hooked on trying to rewire my brain to accept this way of thinking.

Reconditioning my mindset all starts with reflection. It’s actually funny because when I worked non-profit in my early 20s, I left the field because I realized there was so much I could do for the causes I believe in if I was the one with capital to contribute, instead of the one begging the half-interested financially elite. However, somewhere down the line, I began feeling influenced by money and the crowd it often led me towards working with. (I’m an empath, so I often have to remain mindful that I don’t get sucked into other people’s worlds and ways of thinking while mistaking it for my own.) I am currently unemployed as I deal with a serious chronic illness (autoimmune chronic pancreatitis) and search for how to balance financial responsibilities with the healing of my body and soul. With all that said, I’m ready to start thinking about how to make money again. This time with a renewed sense of mindfulness and PURPOSE and also a need for a flexible, career lifestyle that will work for my current health situation.

So, how can money be the currency for purpose and how can I incorporate this into my financial goals? I know that I’m a broken record, but really, everything in life turns towards mindfulness. Often, I get in such a rush and become impatient with needing results that I don’t always take the time to make the decisions that are best for me. Or, in my case as an empath, I fall into people pleasing behaviors and lose sight on what I WANT from my work. Therefore, I am going to set some serious financial goals for myself with varying levels of purpose behind each goal.

Due to my chronic illness, I am going to start with very attainable goals of helping my fiance with bills (he’s currently taking all of the financial responsibility), while also creating stretch goals attached to some level of charitable giving. As my stretch goals increase, I plan to do more and more to save towards a larger financial gift to some organizations I believe in. I guess I’m looking at this almost like a religious tithing – something I used to do when I was more involved in the church. I’m hoping that by adding this conscious level of purpose behind generating income into my life again, I won’t feel so blocked off from financial advances and blessings.

This is the very beginning of my journey towards shifting my money mindset, but I wanted to share in order to record my progress and let anyone else know who may be out there with similar money mindset issues what I’m trying to do to help myself gain the financial freedom almost all of us need to live a happy, purposeful life.

Morning and Evening Affirmations From My Art Journal

In this art journal exercise, I focused on morning and evening affirmations that inspire me and help me start and end my days. Some of these messages I found on Pinterest images, in books I love, or they just simply came to me while I was drawing. I hope that by sharing some of these affirmations, others will be inspired to start a healing journey and share their thoughts surrounding self love and acceptance. (I would love to see any of your artwork or journal entries that this inspires in the comments or you can follow me on IG at @geena.xo and share your entries with me there.)

How I Practice Affirmations

I practice affirmations by repeating the words out loud in front of the mirror or to myself. I typically like to sit with the affirmation for at least one full minute to see what feelings it stirs in me. THIS refection is the most important part of these exercises for me. Does the affirmation feel believable? If not, why? Is there a personal belief about myself that is limiting my ability to believe this about myself? Am I laughing to myself and feeling very uncomfortable? Where does this lack of confidence come from?

Just like any addiction or mental health problem, we can not get help until we ACCEPT the things we need to change. Affirmations help me discover what limiting beliefs I currently hold for myself, so I can work through the challenges associated with changing my outlook.

Morning Affirmations


Here are my top ten favorite morning affirmations from the journal entry above.

  1. I am free of pain.
  2. I am fearless.
  3. I am a magnet for ideas.
  4. The sunrise fills me with confidence.
  5. Success will find me today.
  6. I am patient and calm and meet the day with ease.
  7. I love who I see in the mirror.
  8. I am grateful for another day.
  9. I am a giver of love today.
  10. Unlimited energy fills me today.

Evening Affirmations


Here are my top ten favorite evening affirmations from the journal entry above.

  1. Sleep comes easily to me tonight.
  2. The moonlight fills me with peace.
  3. My mind is restful.
  4. I am calm and let the events of today go.
  5. I am at peace with my life.
  6. I have no regrets or worries of the future.
  7. I release what no longer serves me easily and gracefully.
  8. I am filled with content.
  9. I forgive myself and others for any mistakes that were made today.
  10. I awaken with new inspiration.


30 Affirmations To Build Confidence

I wrote about my process of mindfulness journaling in my previous blog, Mindfulness Journaling Toward Mental Wellness. Below is my first and most simple example of this process and some of the affirmations that I’m currently using to work through my own self discovery to build self-confidence.

In this exercise, I simply wrote 30 Affirmations To Build Confidence. I repeated each affirmation as I wrote it and kept repeating it’s message any time I returned to the affirmation in the image. I’ve typed each affirmation below for you to incorporate into your own mindfulness journal exercise.


  1. I am fearless.
  2. I am unique and that’s my gift to the world.
  3. I am always improving.
  4. For today, I have the knowledge I need.
  5. I am calm and mindful.
  6. Challenges are opportunities to grow and improve.
  7. I am compassionate with others and myself.
  8. I am strong and wise.
  9. I am a positive being, aware of my potential.
  10. Life is beautiful.
  11. I am grateful of my journey and its many lessons.
  12. I am talented and intelligent.
  13. Everything is possible.
  14. There are no blocks I can not overcome.
  15. I love to meet other people and make new friends.
  16. I am my best source of motivation.
  17. I only attract positive people because I am a positive person.
  18. I love myself.
  19. I make a difference by showing up every day and doing my best.
  20. I am becoming a better version of myself.
  21. My work fulfills me.
  22. I have unlimited power.
  23. My actions are intentional and they bring me closer to my goals.
  24. I am enthusiastic.
  25. I am confident.
  26. I am persistent.
  27. I am proud to be a loving and sensitive person.
  28. I let go of fearing mistakes and failure.
  29. I am creative and open to new solutions.
  30. I deserve compliments and accept them easily.

My second journal entry incorporates many of the same affirmations as above, but in a different format. In this exercise, I decided to provide tiny sketches with each affirmation. This eventually evolved into an entire image where these affirmations came together.


One of my favorite past times is revisiting these journal entries and seeing which affirmations first pop out to me. Often, the message that pops out to me is the affirmation I am seeking with all of my heart.

Is there an affirmation that seems to pop out to you? What does your inner voice tell you you’re craving from this affirmation? Are you creating walls to keep you from these inner feelings? If yes, what are these walls and are they valid?


Mindfulness Journaling Towards Mental Wellness

I have suffered from obsessive compulsive thinking and suicidal ideation since my teenage years. I meditate frequently and have always felt attracted to and comfortable with the meditative arts, such as yoga and tai chi. However, these practices have never seemed to help me actually change my thought process nor the messages of my erratic, intrusive thoughts.

I never understood how I could practice meditation as often as I do and still feel out of control when it comes to my thoughts and feelings. What I’ve discovered on my personal journey is that a lot of this “out of control feeling” is actually due to my personal need to feel in control and my lack of acceptance and empathy towards myself. I was still holding onto toxic, critical thoughts of myself even if I was able to separate from them for long periods of time.

I notice that as I practice more affirmations through my journaling practice, these intrusive thoughts have changed their tone. I am able to actually become less reactionary to their messages and have even noticed myself automatically repeating some of my favorite affirmations in my head instantly in order to cope with the negative thoughts. This is a huge improvement for someone like me.

What’s helped me really be able to tune into the messages and work through my own inner feelings regarding the affirmation’s messages has been what I can only explain and define as mindfulness or meditation journaling. Because this practice is so different from my meditation practice, I prefer the term “mindfulness journaling”.

Mindfulness journaling allows me to becoming absorbed in the messages that I’m drawing through a mantra like process of awareness. I typically begin one of these sessions with an affirmation I like. I may or may not get an idea for how I want these pages to look before starting. I try not to take a lot of time with planning and if I am going to give myself a design, I keep it very loose and adaptable.

As I write the affirmations and doodle, I repeat it’s message over and over in my head. I let myself see and draw symbols that can remind me of this affirmation’s power, while also paying attention to my inner thoughts and feelings regarding the affirmation’s message. I find that the more unbelievable the affirmation, the stronger the power it typically has over me and my inability to believe it’s truth due to my preconceived negative opinions of myself. This allows me to acknowledge that this affirmation is telling me something I really need to work on – whether that be acceptance for something that I can not change or the beginning step of awareness towards a trait that I can and want to change about myself.

I prefer to do this type of journaling in my paper notebook so I won’t be distracted by technology and it’s constant alerts. It also allows me to go anywhere to practice without worrying about battery power.

I will begin sharing some of my favorite affirmations periodically on this blog along with my journal entries. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and they inspire you to do the soul work you need to become the person you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.

The Sheet Mask: #1 Introduction to Korean Skin Care

The number one way to introduce yourself to Korean skin care is to try a Korean sheet mask! I’m absolutely loving all of the options. I have had experience with two different brands of sheet masks mostly and was lucky enough to try the latest type of sheet/gel mask from Mary Kay thanks to my friend, Melissa. Thank you, Melissa! :-*

Please watch the video below or continue to read this post to learn a little bit more about how I use sheet masks to instantly plump my fine lines and lessen signs of aging.

The mask I was using in the above video is the brand new TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Cellulose Mask from Mary Kay. The ads for this mask claim to give you visible results in two weeks. (I’m actually a believer after using it and you can see my honest reaction to the product in my video above.) It’s so unique in that it is completely gel, so be aware when opening the packet that it is much more delicate and fragile than a cotton sheet mask.

Let me just say this about gel face masks – I was SOO impressed! I’ve been a believer in face masks for awhile but have only used the cheaper cotton masks. Gel masks are the cotton masks’ older sisters and are much more intensively moisturizing then their younger siblings. I am so hooked and already trying to research other brands/types on the market.

I would definitely give this Mary Kay mask the top rating for my combination skin type. I noticed a reduction in redness and fine lines right away. I won’t be able to afford to use these more than once a week, but I definitely plan on adding them (and most likely this specific brand) into my Self Love Saturday routine. More on that later.


Today marks Day 7 of my Korean Skin Care Journey and I’ve begin using a “cleansing ritual” as most of my Korean products request, including Korean face masks. (The ones in the US don’t seem to be as specific about using a “ritual”.  I understand that this “skin ritual” could be intimidating to someone new to skin care. (It took me 20 minutes to finish my first night routine, so trust me, no judgement. I understand. ) Therefore, I’d recommend that if you are interested in Korean skin care and adding some new products to your skin care routine, try a sheet or gel face mask first! You can get these masks at your local Sephora or Ulta. They are also easy to find online and SUPER easy to use.

How Often Do You Use A Sheet Mask?

Most of the gel masks that I’ve researched want you to use them once a week. They tend to be more expensive and intensive then the every day cotton sheet mask. I will be looking for new gel masks to try on my new proclaimed weekly holiday, Self Love Saturday. On off days (days with no gel or sheet mask), I will just skip that step and continue on to the next step of my skin care routine. Therefore, I will be averaging between 2 -3 cotton sheet masks/ week and 1 intensive gel mask/week. I already love my results and want MORE! So, I will skip extras to have the sheet masks I need. However, having one sheet mask a week would be the bare minimum recommended and is perfect for the beginner to start seeing some results.

How Do You Use a Sheet Mask?

Want a laugh? Check out my first video where I go through how to use a sheet mask. In this video, I’m using one of TonyMoly’s cotton snail mucin sheet masks. (Find out more, here.) Cotton sheet masks are the most common types of sheet masks and the cheapest. You really don’t need to spend more than a few dollars for a cotton sheet mask and Sephora even has decent branded cotton sheet masks that are inexpensive and easy to find/buy in the states. Follow the steps below and PLEASE WASH YOUR FACE before applying! For the love of God. Wash your face – even if you already washed it this morning.

Step 1 & 2: Double Cleanse

Wash your face using a Korean double cleanse method. This involves first using an oil based cleanser followed by a gel/water cleanser.

Step 3: Exfoliator

This where any exfoliating pads, peels, manual scrubs come in depending on your skin type. I also always use my Clarisonic with my gel/water cleanser in Step 2 if I’m not going to use another type of exfoliator. I find the Clarisonic to be the gentlest form of exfoliating, especially when using the Clarisonic brush for sensitive skin.

Step 4: Toner

Use a toner to balance your skin’s ph.

Step 5: Skin Essence

Skin micro essence is a Korean must for keeping skin gorgeous.

Step 6: Serums, Emulsions, Boosters & Other Extras:

This is unique to you, so please feel free to play and explore at this step. Usually when I’m using a sheet mask, I don’t get as crazy with this step and keep it simple with a brightening emulsion.


I know… this is why you were reading this in the first place, but there’s just SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT. I’m having issues filtering and truly believe it’s the holistic approach that Koreans take with skin care that really keeps them from aging.

  1. Slowly remove the mask from it’s container.
  2. Use any extra “juice” from the container to prime your face and get it ready to absorb the sheet mask you are using. Many estheticians explain this method of priming the face by using a wet sponge as an example. A wet sponge picks up more liquid then a dry sponge. Therefore, using a hydrator to prime your face for a sheet mask makes sense. With what we can now refer to as the “wet sponge theory”, your skin will act as a wet sponge and soak up all of the benefits of the sheet mask you are using. (I’m a believer. )
  3. Apply the mask to your face as best as you can. They are a one-size-fits-all type of beauty device, so don’t be shocked when you get told you look like Hannibal Lector.
  4. Wait 20 – 30 minutes in what I like to call “necessary rbf” until the sheet mask starts feeling a little dry and all used up. (Sorry. Rude. I know……. but throw that used up sheet mask in the trash! She’s OK with it.)
  5. After removing the mask, you do not need to rinse your face and can instantly return to the rest of your skin routine.

Step 8: Eye Cream and Retinols

Need I say more? This step is also customizable based on your skin care needs. Also, wearing eye protection (cute, oversized sunglasses) in the sun helps protect this very sensitive area from sun damage as well as any creams you may use.

Step 9: Moisturizer

If you can’t do the other steps, please do this one. If you have a moisturizer with a SPF over 30, you can knock 9 & 10 out with one product!

Step 10: SPF

Do we need another reminder of the “Tan Mom”? I think so. She’s pretty good motivation to wear sunscreen. Oh and Look! She’s joined by the newly appointed, “Tan Dad.” Sorry, Mr. President. It’s just too funny not to share.


After your cleansed and protected, you can continue on with your day, put on make up (… or not…. because you have beautiful skin girl! ) and get into whatever mischief you had planned. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every 2 -3 hours.


What the … snail mucin?!

Yes. You read that correctly. Snail mucin. What is it and why are Koreans obsessed with it for your skin? Well, think about it. Snails are relatively unprotected when it comes to their bodies. However, they have magical slime in replace of what they lack in armor. Magical slime? Yes! MAGICAL SLIME! It is the slime that allows the snail to move along rough surfaces unscathed. Their slime gives them special healing powers kind of like Wolverine. Anyways, it made enough sense for me to try it on my face and share my opinion with you. Watch the my first video attempt below where I try a Tony Moly snail mask from Korea

My friend Amanda was kind enough to gift me these AMAZING Tony Moly masks straight from Seoul’s airport on her trip to Thailand. (Hence, the name and topic of my blog – thank you again, Amanda.) She gave me 5 of these sheet masks and I’ve used 2 of them so far on Day 1 and Day 3 of my Korean Skin Care Journey. I plan to use all 5 sheet masks over the course of 10 days and report my results.

Tony Moly, Tony Moly Snail Mask, smail mask, sheet mask
Tony Moly Snail Mask Sheet, Pure Energy 10 (front)

The sheet masks have a big nasty picture of a snail on them and claim to be specifically formulated for skin damage care. It is a “TONYMOLY Pure Energy 100 Snail Mask Sheet” and states that “the mild, soft mask takes care of damaged skin with its ingredient of snail secretion filtrate, which has a skin regeneration effect.”

Tony Moly Sheet Mask, Sheet Mask, Tony Moly, Snail Mask, Snail Sheet Mask, Snail Skin Care, Korean Skin Care
Tony Moly Snail Mask Sheet, Pure Energy 100 (back)

If you don’t know Tony Moly, you are missing out. Ulta sells the sheet masks and they have the cutest packaging with different vegetables, fruit, flowers and candy on them! (See picture below.) However, I’ve NEVER seen one with snails and this isn’t nearly as cute as the ones we have stateside.


Being familiar with Tony Moly products definitely made me more comfortable with using the mask for the first time. There was no smell and as far as I could tell, it was like every other sheet mask I’ve used. It did have an aloe feel to it and was a little sticky after using. However, I’m OBSESSED with aloe, so that feeling doesn’t really bother me. Eventually, the stickiness goes away as everything completely absorbs into your skin. You can see the result of the past 3 days below. The picture on the left is today after my mask and the picture on the right is 3 days ago when I started my skin care journey.


My skin feels fabulous after using two of the masks in conjunction with my usual skin routine, and I’m REALLY excited to see what it’s like after 10 consecutive days and instituting a strict Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine. I have to say that the service at SoKo Glam is a little slow, but I’m confident that it will be WELL worth the wait. I’m looking for other places to purchase Korean skin care products, so if you know of any websites or stores that carry them – please let me know!

Charlotte Cho explains in her book, “The Little Book Of Skin Care”, that Koreans are NOT afraid to customize their routine and their is no one-box-fits-all solution to one person’s skin (unfortunately). Also, they use products from the United States and other countries as well, it’s not ONLY about Korean products. Therefore, I hope that once I become a little more familiar with the effect of their favorites, I’ll be able to reincorporate some products I’ve already come to love from the United States.

Before Korean Skin Care

After starting my Korean Skin Care research, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that I have been using what I am now referring to as The American 5 Step Skin Care Routine for years. This consisted of the following steps mainly, but did contain occassional sheet masks and facial treatments as problems arose throughout the years.

Step 1: Cleanser (With Manual Exfoliation In Evenings)

I believe I was 25 when I was gifted my first Clarisonic. I had struggled with skin issues for most of my adolescence and early adult years using cleanser only before discovering this miracle device. I instantly noticed a difference in its ability to clean deep into my pores right away. (I was also excited to find out that the Clarisonic is a form of the Korean 10 Step Skin Care Routine and are even mentioned in “The Little Book Of Skin Care” by Charlotte Cho.) Even though this device was a miracle, I quickly realized it was too much to use morning and evening when washing my face, so I typically opt to use my Clarisonic only during my night skin care routine.eaqzdyax_201305151312579103-1

I LOVE my body brush attachment for my Clarisonic with the body brush head. I use the Clarisonic Sensitive brush heads on my face and typically do not take the time to switch out the brushes in order to use the body exfoliating brush (even though it’s really easy).  Part of me wants to be a completely stereotypical American and get a second Clarisonic to use on my face and dedicate my primary Clarisonic as a body brush version. However, that’s hella wasteful, so I usually just exfoliate with the body brush 1 – 2x / month if I’m feeling like some extra self love.

Step 2: Toner

I’ve always used some form of alcohol or witch hazel toner since beginning face washing in my early teens. I was instantly put on the Aveda 4-step basic skin care routine (pictured below) by my mother who has always been a HUGE supporter of natural skin care.  Thanks, Mom!

Aveda Botanical Kinetics 4- Step Skin Care Routine
Aveda Botanical Kinetics 4- Step Skin Care Routine

I have learned since then that alcohol and witch hazel toners are probably the worst of toners by Korean standards. However, due to the ph reasoning behind toner, I think I’ve been doing a decent job of having it benefit my overall skin health.

In case you are curious, here is a link to the ingredients in Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist. As you can see, witch hazel is an active ingredient.

Step 3: Beautifying Oil Or Some Other Trending Miracle Elixir

I’ve been making my own or using some form of Aveda’s Beautifying Composition Oil since my early 20’s.  Keep checking back and I may even share my recipe for Homemade Aveda Beautifying Oil that I formulated over the past few years! Shoot me an email at if this is something you’re interested in – it’s all about the priorities people. Please give me some. 

I know I’ve substituted and customized the product for this step over the years depending on what skin condition I’ve been battling or what’s trending. I finally began making my own skin oil using essential oils and skin boosting vitamins because nothing else really tended to do much. (I’ve learned that this is most likely due to My American 5 Step Skin Care Routine’s inability to fully moisturize and repair my skin barrier, so that it can easier absorb and utilize the products I was trying to use. Also, I’ve realized that your skin is always a little behind, so it’s more likely what you’ve been doing consistently for the past 5 years and not an occasional, monthly or even bi-monthly pity facial that will prevent aging. )

Step 4: Moisturizer & Eye Cream In Evenings

OK. Eye Cream is probably a stretch, but I HAVE owned some before and have been thinking about getting very serious about using it in my thirties. I’d be lying If I said that I thought me or my fellow American 30 year olds are religious with the eye cream. However, we know it is exists and we know that we should probably be using it.

All eye cream shame aside – I’ve always used  a face moisturizer. Unless you are literally a grease pot (or even if you are a grease pot), most Americans have sense to use moisturizer.

Step 5: SPF ( Thank God!)


Please tell me you remember the crazy tanning mom story from above. As of May 2017, this is actually what she looked like. That was not a stunt. That is a real life woman who made herself look like a piece of beef jerky in the name of beauty. I know…. yikes.

Can we just take a minute and say THANK GOD AMERICANS ARE WAKING UP TO SUN SCREEN! Ugh! I really needed to let that out. I know that my gorgeous blonde, tan beach bunny friends want to lock me up in the looney bin after hearing my opinions of the sun, but it’s scientific fact that it makes you age faster and at a higher risk for skin cancer. There’s no argument and, one by one, I hear and see people becoming wiser about the sun’s harmful rays in the United States.


The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With …

Finish the quote. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with…… one step!” That’s right. I’ve learned through my many years of failing at things that usually I’ve already given up before I’ve begun. I am determined not to give up this time – even if that means, one step at a time.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

So, this realization of needing to start and continue brought me to my first question. Who needs an excuse to shop at Sephora or Ulta? Definitely not this girl! However, of course I had to give myself some purpose to up my skin care budget as I see my 30’s quickly evaporate the youth from my face. (I also needed something to tell the fiance, since I knew he would most definitely notice the cost of my new favorite hobby.) So, there I was, reasoning with my fears, when my friend Amanda encouraged me to start this blog.


My first fear was, “You’re too late.” The second fear was a little more personal…. “You’re too lazy.” It’s true. I have not been obsessed with taking care of my skin since birth and I am definitely NOT someone who doesn’t know how to relax. (Who are these people and how do I do that for someone else?!? <— The one million dollar question has been asked and possibly the answer to my happiness.) In fact, I can sleep anywhere (usually any time) and could be a champion couch potato. I’ve always summed my lazy side up to “being creative” and “not athletic” but that’s kind of a cop out. The truth is that I’m ADD and have a very strong tendency of switching priorities on the fly or running myself so hard that I eventually burn out and quit. Therefore, I am very aware of “slow and steady wins the race” and that’s exactly what I know I need to do to get my skin back on track. Therefore, I’m trying to find every hack to make sure I stay on top of my skin care regime and make this passion into a lifestyle and, hopefully by default, perfectly smooth and shining skin.

So what gives me hope now that I’m in my 30’s? Well, I decided it’s too early to give up. Yes, I’ve lived for 31 trips around the sun, but I have a lot of hope that this is only close to 1/3 of my entire life. That’s right. I want to live to be old – maybe even over 100! I know that I can’t avoid the inevitable and we all eventually show some age, but I’d like to do it as gracefully as I can. This passion for youthful skin, plus a love for spas, healthy living, skin treatments, facials, lotion, oils, etc. is what inspired me to start this blog. If you like it, please thank my friend Amanda. She is the one who gave me the final push to get it off the ground.